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Business Beat: Andy’s Custard, Flying Burger get Longview sites

Real estate developer Scott Zhorne said he’s sold a pair of sites that will become Andy’s Frozen Custard and Flying Burger.

Zhorne, who usually builds a shell and leases property to to future occupants, said Andy’s Frozen Custard and Flying Burger bought sites at 310 E. Hawkins Parkway because they wanted more control.

The building will be next to Texas National Bank and a building housing Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Freshii.

Flying Burger, which serves pond-raised catfish and fish tacos in addition to hamburgers, was founded nine years go by Robert Smith in Magnolia.

Smith said Wyatt Adams is the franchisee who is opening Flying Burger restaurants in Longview, Texarkana, Shreveport and Boosier City...

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TX Forecast


City/Town;Weather Condition;High Temp (F);Low Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%);Chance of Precip. (%);UV Index


Abilene Dyess;Cooler with a shower;49;25;N;10;87%;86%;1

Alice;A t-storm, warmer;78;60;SSE;12;77%;66%;1

Alpine;Partly sunny, mild;74;39;WSW;10;34%;0%;5

Amarillo;Cooler with some sun;43;20;NNE;8;66%;11%;3

Angleton;Cloudy, a t-storm;72;61;S;10;88%;82%;1

Arlington;Rain, a thunderstorm;51;36;N;8;87%;92%;1

Austin;Rain, a thunderstorm;62;42;S;3;87%;82%;1

Austin Bergstrom;Rain, a thunderstorm;63;44;S;9;94%;83%;1

Bay;Cloudy, a t-storm;74;61;S;10;90%;82%;1

Beaumont;Cloudy and warmer;71;62;S;6;92%;69%;1

Beeville;A t-storm, warmer;73;59;SE;8;94%;66%;1

Borger;Much colder;39;20;NE;7;63%;14%;2

Bowie;Rain, a thunderstorm;41;25;N...

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Is buying a home in Dallas-Fort Worth still a good investment?

Jill Rooney found a house she liked with quartz countertops and wood floors in Mansfield, and immediately offered to buy it for $210,000.

That was $15,000 over the asking price. And it wasn’t enough.

“I went 15 grand over, and I thought for sure I had this house,” said Rooney, 39, a Mansfield High School teacher. “I even wrote a personal letter to one of the owners. She had been at the house when I visited it, and she had her baby, and we talked for a long time. She was so proud of the house. I thought we had made a personal connection, and we did, but it didn’t help.”

Rooney’s experience is becoming more common as North Texans deal with historically high residential property prices — which have risen to levels that make some question whether buying a Fort Worth-area home is still a worthw...

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Breaking News Headlines For DFW TX Heading Into The Weekend

The Megaplex, which is represented by Dallas and Fort Worth, is a major source of news in Texas. There are always more headlines than you can possibly take in at once coming out of those two cities. What’s going on in Fort Worth TX today? Let’s take a look at those headlines, and you will notice that the news for Fort Worth and Dallas is often mixed together.

One news story making headlines is about a group that is fighting against sex trafficking. Then there is the news headline about the pawn shop that is looking for the owner of a ring. If you have pawned a ring off lately, then you might need to take a look at the story. It sounds interesting for sure, even if you just take a look at it to find out what’s going on with that ring.

There is a man whose face is shown on video, and poli...

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The Best Places To Go In Fort Worth Texas

If you decide to travel there Fort Worth in the next few weeks, you might want to plan your trip. There are several things that you will be able to do. It is a place where you can enjoy many events that are centered around cowboys and the rodeo. It is a town that has a primary focus on Western themes, and you can enjoy all of the fun filled activities that are there. Here are some of the best things that you can do when you go to Fort Worth in Texas, a very unique town that you are going to want to visit many times in the future.

Country And Western Bars

Probably the most well-known in Fort Worth is called Billy Bob’s. It is a country and western bar that many people frequent...

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Stayed A Few Nights In Fort Worth Texas Visiting Family

I have family that lives in Fort Worth Texas and we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. They asked me if I wanted to come stay for a few days to visit with them. They said I could stay with them at their house, but I didn’t want to intrude so I started searching around for a hotel to stay in while I was visiting.

I went online and searched for Fort Worth Texas hotels. Since I don’t travel often, I wanted to make sure I stayed in one that was nice even though I probably wouldn’t be at the hotel much. I found several hotels in the area that were what I was looking for and they had good reviews. The prices weren’t really that much and there wasn’t much of a difference so I chose the one I wanted to stay in and made reservations.

While I was waiting to visit my family, I had talked to them throu...

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Restaurants In Fort Worth Are Plentiful

Generally when you think about a major city you think about all the attractions that you can see and visit when you are in town. However, one aspect that you should think about is going to be the different restaurants you should be eating at and that is very much the case when you look at Fort Worth. When you look at this location you will find that it is going to have quite a wide range of restaurants that you can eat at and enjoy, but quite a few of them will have the local roots that you would want to experience when you are traveling.

Local restaurants are going to be a great change of pace for you when you are traveling because it gives you a chance to go out and eat at a place that is special to the region...

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