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Stayed A Few Nights In Fort Worth Texas Visiting Family

I have family that lives in Fort Worth Texas and we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. They asked me if I wanted to come stay for a few days to visit with them. They said I could stay with them at their house, but I didn’t want to intrude so I started searching around for a hotel to stay in while I was visiting.

I went online and searched for Fort Worth Texas hotels. Since I don’t travel often, I wanted to make sure I stayed in one that was nice even though I probably wouldn’t be at the hotel much. I found several hotels in the area that were what I was looking for and they had good reviews. The prices weren’t really that much and there wasn’t much of a difference so I chose the one I wanted to stay in and made reservations.

While I was waiting to visit my family, I had talked to them throu...

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